Can Homeschool Students Get Into Top Universities?

Have you ever wondered about the chance for your child to get into an upper level university if they get a homeschool education? I know that I did. In fact, when I started hearing my wife mention the fact that she might want to homeschool that was one of my number one fears. What about college? How will they get in to a good school if they don’t do public education? Well, if I had done my homework then, I could have slept a lot easier in those days that my wife first started homeschooling our children.

Even the Ivy League schools admit homeschooled students. Here is a link to an excellent article that outlines all of the requirements of Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Brown, and the other Ivy League schools for homeschooled students. It may be of special note to follow the links to the specific requirements for the special areas of focus. This kind of valuable information can help you make important decisions regarding curriculum during the high school years.

The Ivy League schools are not the only prestigious colleges in the country that are willing to admit students schooled at home. The fact is, that high school is only one of many factors that determine whether or not students get into a college. Universities are much more interested in the overall package and as a result they consider things like service hours, leadership opportunities, etc.

A representative from Stanford said, “You have to remember that you’re dealing with an overall picture, not just a single aspect. The high school alone won’t ever be the deciding factor, even if it’s homeschooling.” An admissions representative from Cornell emphasized taking multiple standardized test scores.

According to research by Michael Cogan in 2010, students that are homeschooled enjoy higher ACT scores, higher GPAs, and higher graduation rates (see “Exploring Academic Outcomes of Homeschooled Students,” Journal of College Admission, 208, 18-25). Based on these findings, homeschool students will not be at a severe disadvantage when applying at a university–even a top tier university–like I thought my children would if they were homeschooled. They will still face incredibly difficult odds getting into the Ivy League and other similar schools. Harvard admits about 6 out of every 100 students that apply. It is important, however, that we understand that homeschooling does not doom our children to community colleges and low-wage careers. The future of homeschool is bright and the path, apparently, can go through Boston… if that is where your child wants to go!

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