“A Rebirth of Liberty and Learning”

Larry P. Arnn, President of Hillsdale College in Hillsdale, Michigan, really explains the differences between education that creates leaders and education that simply turns our children into “factors of production” based on the political goals to simply prepare them for a career. There is no drive to teach children the difference between right and wrong. In fact, the public schools are not even teaching that there is a right or a wrong any more. And we wonder why school discipline is struggling.

A main point of President Arnn’s article (see the link below) is that school’s need to teach children that there is a right way to live this life and how to think for themselves to identify that right way. I believe that if children are taught these two things most of them will learn what is right and follow it. As you seek for ways to supplement your children’s public educational experience, or to replace all together, make sure that you help them get back to the basics of right and wrong and how do we tell the difference.

Socrates did it with his students. Jesus Christ did it with his disciples. William Shakespeare did it with his audiences. I know that you can do it with your children. If you are looking for help in this area, watch for our instructional programs coming in February. You can see what we working on here.

For now, enjoy President Arnn’s full messageĀ here.

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