Homeschool Ideas Ep 6 Audrey Rindlisbacher

In this podcast I interviewed Audrey Rindlisbacher from the Ten Boom Institute. I really wanted to interview Audrey because I stumbled across her name at a homeschooling conference and looked into the Ten Boom Institute. There were some things about her goals with the Institute that I wanted to know more about, and so I hope they will be things that you will want to know more about as well.

First, and most important for our purposes, Audrey and her husband have tweaked their children’s educational experience so that they can help their children gain a sense of self and purpose earlier in life. I loved that goal and wanted her to share a little bit about how they knew when it was time to adjust what they were doing. As you listen to the podcast, you will see that Audrey is not afraid to challenge the process if she sees her children becoming disengaged or uninterested in the educational process.

Second, I was really interested in why she would be willing to spend money to attend a non-accredited university: George Wythe College. I have heard of the College, and was really excited to learn more about her experience there and what she gained from the classes.

Third, the more I learned about the Ten Boom Institute, the more I hoped I could convince Audrey to do the interview. There is some great stuff there for parents that want to continue their own education. If you have ever wanted to read the classics, but were intimidated by the old language, historical settings, or anything else, then you need to check out what Audrey is doing at the Ten Boom Institute.

So, in this interview you will hear Audrey describe:

  • Her reasons for trying homeschool
  • Ways she identifies what her children need educationally
  • Cues from the children when they need a change

Audrey shares about why she attended George Wythe College and some of the great books she studied there.

Audrey describes how she inspires children in her favorite subject, history (especially biographies), through questions like:

  • What can you do when you children get stuck in history?
  • How did they dress?
  • What did they eat?
  • What did they sleep on?
  • What technology did they have?

She also lets her children (or the neighborhood children) study something from history and then make something from their studies, act out the story, listen to great lectures on the topic, and read original literature from the time period.

My favorite part of the interview was her ¬†advice to parents that are starting to look for something different for their children’s education?

  • The most important thing is parent relationships
  • Read out loud to your kids a lot
  • Keep it really simple at first
  • Field Trips

 Homeschool survival seminars

Remember that homeschooling is about the parent as much as it is about the student. Stay sane. Show your children that education is important to you.

[su_pullquote align=”right”]”If you don’t stay fresh and you don’t stay excited and you don’t stay sane, nothing else is going to happen.”[/su_pullquote]

1. Avoid burnout

2. Things you need to know about your children to guide them

Make sure you (the parent) meet your needs

Ten Boom Institute


If you listened to the end of the podcast, you know that I am looking for suggestions for great interviews. I would love to visit with those who have helped you with your homeschooling efforts. Please, leave me a suggestion in the comments below.

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