Homeschool Ideas Ep. 007

[su_heading size=”30″ margin=”40″]Don’t Ever Give a Boring Lecture Again. Three Types of Questions That Will Turn Your Lectures Into ENGAGING Discussions[/su_heading]

I changed the format on this episode a little (I hope that is OK). I wanted to give some of my tips on leading discussions with great questions. So here is my run down.

There are three types of questions that I talked about here.

  1. Search/Identify Questions
  2. Analyze/Reflect Questions
  3. Apply/Connect Questions

I explain each one and how teachers and parents can improve their discussion preparation by understanding the different types of questions and how/when to use each one. These questions can be applied in practically any setting. I have used them in small groups of 3 to 4 (you could even use them one on one). I have also used them in groups as large as 250 to 300.

Asking good questions is at the heart of any discussion and is key to all learning. As you improve your questioning skills, your audience will increase what they can learn from you.

If you want some more practice or to review these principles again, check out this free instructional video on youtube.

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