Homeschool Ideas Ep 12 Ashley Hill and College Admissions

Ever worry about helping your homeschool student get into college? Worry about their success once they get there? These are some of the most common concerns of homeschool parents. One thing that the public school system offers parents is a measuring stick to gauge their children’s preparation. Constant grades, regular tests, and teacher feedback can give parents a sense of confidence… the scary thing is that sometimes that confidence can be a false foundation. Many students that excelled in public schools get to college and have to learn how to really learn… and sometimes they just figure out how to keep doing what they did in high school and adjust it for the college world and then never really learn how to learn.

Well, I interviewed Ashley Hill and she can help you and your student avoid some of the most common pitfalls associated with college preparation and help your student succeed once they get there.  If you have homeschool students that are 14 years old, or older, then you have to listen to this interview. Make sure you have a pencil ready and write down the great tidbits that Ashley is giving us to improve our children’s probability for success.

[su_heading size=”30″ margin=”40″]Show Notes[/su_heading]

In this interview you will learn:

Why Ashley started

How the label of “homeschool student” is difficult for the homeschool student and how to overcome that challenge.

How do build a team around your child to get them ready for the college experience.

The most important things you can do right now to get ready for applying to college.

  1. Start looking for scholarships right now and a couple ideas of where to look!
  2. Look for leadership opportunities right now!

The critical role of networking right now!

Common mistakes teenagers make when they apply to college.

Ideas on how to pick the right college.

  • Safety
  • Networking opportunities
  • Proximity
  • Costs
  • Course offerings

How brand new freshman can start networking both online with Linkedin and offline with industry associations for your chosen areas of study.

What are the benefits that homeschool students have available to them that they HAVE TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF to succeed in college.

What Ashley has to offer those getting ready to apply to college.



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