Homeschool Ideas Ep 13 Ericka Joseph

Here is another great interview. Ericka Joseph lives in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. She has her own homeschool podcast called the Homeschool Adventure Show. She co-hosts that podcast with her daughter Akili. It is kind of fun to sit back and listen to Akili review the week with her mom on the podcast. You can also visit Ericka and Akili on their website:

Ericka’s journey to homeschool is interesting because it started before she was had any children and even before she was married. I am very excited to introduce you to Ericka Joseph.

[su_heading size=”30″ margin=”40″]Show Notes[/su_heading]

Ericka’s journey to homeschool actually started when she was in college doing a report on alternative education options for African Americans. She was impressed with the long-term benefits of homeschooling. In her study, she found that homeschooled students tended to be more well-rounded and socially adjusted. (I thought this was interesting because that is exactly the opposite of the social stigma applied to homeschool students today… but that is another topic for another day)

What does Ericka see as the challenges of homeschooling?

Building a community: When she started homeschooling she found a community already in place, but just as she was getting ready to join, the group was preparing to disband. So, she helped keep The Black Homeschooler’s Network of South Florida operating.

She suggested that you look on for a group if you are struggling to find something in your area.

Establishing a homeschool community will help your efforts perhaps more than any other single thing you can do.

Some of the benefits of a homeschool community is the ability to network, get answers to your difficult questions, and field trips with other children.

Ericka described her approach to educational curriculum as “eclectic.” Here is the schedule that she and Akili follow:

  • Mondays: Reading, Spelling, and Math
  • Tuesdays: Language Arts, Science, Writing
  • Wednesday: Reading, Spelling, and Math (with electronic learning)
  • Thursday: History and Geography
  • Friday: Reading, Spelling, Math (review), and the podcast
  • Saturday: Life Skills

Suggestions for new homeschool parents

  1. Find a consolidated resource of information. Do not get overwhelmed with the ocean of materials available.
  2. Practice living on one income if doing homeschool is going to require you to cut back on a stream of income.
  3. Guard what Ericka calls “Mommy time.” This is the time that you spend on yourself to recharge your battery. This keeps you fresh.
[su_heading size=”30″ margin=”40″]Educational Software Suggestion[/su_heading] This is an educational software that for K-5. There are educational games for math, spelling, reading, etc.

Ericka also mentioned that outside tutors are an important resource for parents that fee like they have a specific weakness in a subject.

Abacus Math was another resource that Ericka mentioned in the interview that has helped Akili get a foot up on the subject.

[su_heading size=”30″ margin=”40″]#1 Practical Idea of the Interview[/su_heading]

Ericka mentioned that she includes exercise as a part of the learning. She explained that with spelling, she will have Akili run to the tree and then spell her word or words. You could do this with simple math questions or flash cards. She explained that you can use pushups, situps, or running in this exercise.

Ericka’s last piece of parting advice: “Enjoy the process.”

I hope you enjoyed listening to Ericka’s interview. If you would like to hear our other interviews click the button below.




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