Episode 17: Plan Do Check Adjust

101 Homeschool Ideas for Planning


Today’s podcast is going to focus on planning and organization. I want to introduce you to Notability. I love this note-taking application.

The tool of the day: Notability

This is an awesome note taking application. My favorite features are:

  • Sync with the cloud
  • Take clips directly from the web and add them to my notes
  • Attach audio and images to my notes
  • Allows me to “write” or type on existing PDFs


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One of the biggest challenges new homeschool parents have is creating a plan and then adjusting along the way. I want to introduce you to a planning strategy that is used in the business world and that I think can be very effective in home education as well. Here is my most recent homeschool idea.

Today’s podcast focuses on a strategy that business leaders use to help their organization move forward. As I learned about it, I started looking at it through the lens of homeschooling (this is a common occurrence for me).

Orrin Woodward teaches this particular version of the strategy. He calls it Plan-Do-Check-Adjust and here it is:


You need to have a goal in mind and then a specific action that you think will accomplish the goal. In the podcast I give you some examples of our goals and the actions that we will take to try and accomplish the goal. In homeschool education, having a goal and a plan to accomplish that goal is absolutely essential.

Make sure your goal is realistic and measureable. The next thing you will want to do is write down your goal and your plan and put it somewhere to remind you of the what and the why.


You must take action. Carry your plan out and track your success. You can do this with a notebook, a calendar, phone app, or any other method that will help you look back and see how often your were successful. As part of your tracking system, on those days or weeks that you don’t accomplish your goal/plan, write down what happened. What were the obstacles? That will help you with the next part.


How often are you accomplishing your plan and is it leading you towards accomplishing the overall goal? If you tracked your success in the last step, then this part will be easy. Just ask youself some questions:

  • What were the obstacles that stopped you from being successful?
  • On those days that you were successful, what helped you avoid distractions?
  • Who were the people or things that kept you motivated or reminded you about you plan? Hopefully this podcast is one of those things!!
  • What is one thing that you could have done that would have helped you be more successful?


Once you have answered the last question, adjust your plan to incorporate your new ideas. Then you start all over again. Plan-Do-Check-Adjust

I hope this strategy works for you. It is just one more on the way to 101 Homeschool Ideas. Thanks for joining us. If you have not already, click on the links below to subscribe to our podcast and leave us a review. Thanks.




  1. Thank you for the PDCA approach to goals, structure, life in general! Goal setting has never been a strong point for me but I appreciate your honesty and perspective in needing to START. Just start. Then with PDCA, flush out issues, find solutions, do and be better.

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