Home School Ideas Ep 20

Math + Writing + Presentation Tool = Homeschool Ideas Episode 20

I am really excited about this episode because I have 5 homeschool ideas for you that you could use tomorrow. Get ready, get set, GO!!!



Throughout several of these interviews, one of the common threads has been a frustration with the subject of math. I am by no means a math scholar, but here are three ideas to help younger children with counting and fractions.



Here are two ideas to help your children get more comfortable writing. You will really enjoy the “Peanut Butter / Jelly Sandwich Instruction Manual” and the activity at the end. Your children will love it and so will you.


101 Homeschool Ideas Complete Show Notes

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  1. Thank you so much for your podcast. Love it!
    I think the “Click here to see the show notes” hyperlink on this page might not be working?

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