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12 questions from people who don’t quite understand homeschool and how I answer them. Let’s face it. Every one of us has asked that question we regretted as soon as the words left our mouth. Maybe for you it was: “When is your baby due?” … Only to realize that there is no baby, or that the baby was born 3 months ago! Maybe it was when you asked a man if he and his mother would be dining together, only to find out that his mother is actually his wife. YIKES! Get out of that one…


Well, since we have all asked those kinds of questions, let me start these show notes by saying, it would be well if we all remembered our own awkward moments and helped people out when they ask us those questions that probably sounded good in their minds, but then out in the open digressed to the point of offensive drivel. With that introduction, here are the show notes for episode 23 of the 101 Homeschool Ideas Podcast.

Tool of the Day

Today in History

I like this App because it does a great job of showing an international sample historical events rather than focusing on just one national or geographic perspective. Here is the link to the app so you can check it out for yourself:

The app is $1.99, but I still think it is worth it. I mean, I spend more than that at the McDonalds drive through when I am not even hungry.

If you are looking for other Apps, you should consider our App Recommendation Page.

Ask Brian

Bring us your questions

Fitting that in an episode about questions, I ask you for your questions. Please go to Ask Brian and leave me a voice message from your computer with your question about homeschool. This is going to be my favorite part of the podcast. I really think we will all benefit from hearing the questions that we have about the schooling process. You might have questions about homeschool curriculum, homeschool organization, or homeschool ideas. Whatever your question, please let me know so we can share it with others.

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12 questions about homeschool from those that don’t understand homeschool

Here are 12 questions that have actually been asked about the homeschooling process. Some of these questions are legitimate and worth answering with a complete straight face. Others, well, I think you should contort your face as many different ways as possible before answering… OK, I retract that last statement. You should be kind in every situation. Let them realize why they should not ask a question that assumes parents don’t care about their children’s future? Just smile, move on, and realize that that person is probably not an option for your homeschooling network. Enjoy these questions. I answer each one on the podcast. Some of them I answer with a little “tongue-in-cheek” to keep it light and fun.

1. How do you know what they are learning?

2. How will they find someone to marry?

3. When will they talk to people?

4. How will your children learn social skills?

5. What about your personal time?

6. What are your qualifications to teach?

7. How will they learn how to deal with bullies?

8. Are you OK with the fact that your wife is homeschooling?

9. Are you going to homeschool them all the way through high school?

10. How will they get a diploma?

11. Don’t you worry about ruining your child?

12. How will they get along in the real world?


  1. Thank you for the podcast, I really hope you keep going. I am really excited about the photo class. My 16 year old will really enjoy it. Thanks again.

  2. I like your ideas, and have considered some homeschooling techniques, if not for full-time, then for keeping my kids interested and focused on learning. Also, I love Jim’s work and would be curious to watch his video class.

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