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Michele Brown is the Senior Assistant Director of Economic Access & Ohio State University Acadmey Program. She has been in undergraduate admissions for 27 YEARS!!!!. She knows her stuff, so get ready for some great advice about getting into college. She has some excellent homeschool ideas!

College Preparation for Homeschool Families

Without question, the most important part of college preparation for homeschool parents is making sure that your children are meeting the minimum requirements in Math, Science, Social Science, English, etc… Make sure that you understand how many English credits your children will need to be considered for college admission. English 4 credits Math 3-4 credits Science 3-4 credits Social Sciences 3-4 credits Foreign Language 2-3 credits Check out this website for more information regarding these requirements:


It is a very heated topic. I am not a fan of Common Core. I personally believe that the Federal Governemt has NO BUSINESS messing with educational standards. I could go on and on with this topic, but that is for another day. For now, I just want to say that if you want to get your children into college, you have to understand what they require to get in. If we want to play on their playground, then we need to understand their rules. So check out the link above and make sure you are doing the right things for college admissions. Now, here is the great part of home education. You can take those requirements for Math, Science, etc… and go about it how every YOU WANT. You choose the curriculum and methods. Whatever you choose to do, make sure you are getting these minimums.

Preparing for the Standardized Tests is very important.

We have to have a transcript to show the college exactly what your children have done. This is how you will demonstrate what your child did to meet those requirements. If you would like a template for a transcript, please click here for our free template. If you want to build your own transcript, here are the things that you need to include:

1. Course name and what it might be the equivalent to at the high school

2. Name of the school. i.e. Ricks Family Homeschool. Make sure you include school address and years that your child participated in that school.

3. Don’t forget high school equivalent courses that your child may have taken in 7th and 8th grade

4. A signature from the school official. This can be Mr. Dad, the school principal.

SCHOLARSHIPS for Homeschool Students

Make sure that you do not pay for scholarship websites. BEAWARE OF SCAMS!!

To start with, try https://www.fastweb.com

Be aware that there are also some scholarships for students in middle school that might pay for some incredible experiences in High School.

Another strategy is to look for local groups. The competition will be less and your probablitly of success will go up dramatically. Try your parents’ or grandparents’ employers, local service groups like Kiwanas, Eagles, or Elks’ Lodges. Each of these groups have scholarships that are specifically designed for local students.


Document everything that you do as a homeschool family. Show the kind of opportunities you had as a student. There are awesome opportunities for homeschool students to focus their studies on things like streams, wildlife protection, or anything else. Build the case for the univerisities that you will contribute to the school. Show them what makes you unique. In your admissions essay, get very detail oriented. Get into the details of the experience so that you can help them feel what you felt. Visit the colleges and universities. Take college trips. Walk around the campuses and get a feel for the schools you are interested.



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