1 Easy Tip to Help the Kinesthetic Learners

As I prepared the podcast on homeschool learning styles, my wife and I discussed some of the challenges she experienced that day with school. She was frustrated, and I could tell. So, we talked about one of the tips I shared for working with kinesthetic learners: short study periods. Well, she tried it and the results were nothing short of AWESOME!!! Even the children said, at the end of the day, “Mom, school was awesome today.” So here is what she did:

Short Breaks Actually Make School More Effective

Here was the schedule for today:

  • Devotional (25 minutes)
  • Break (5 minutes)
  • Listen to 20-minute talk on moral principles. Children took notes while they were listening. Children practiced speaking to report what they learned from the speaker. (25 minutes)
  • Break (5 minutes playing a family game with each other)
  • Math (15 minutes with worksheets)
  • Break (5 minutes)
  • Math (15 minutes on Khan Academy)
  • Break (5 minutes for a snack)
  • Reading time out of Anderson’s fairy tales for (30 minutes)
  • Break (5 minutes)
  • Writing Assignment (30 minutes)
  • Lunch
  • Science study on human heart (30 minutes)


What Did They Do During The Breaks?

The children got to choose what they did during each break. Garrett and Chase spent a lot of time jumping on the trampoline. Paden loves to read and is trying to learn programming through Khan Academy. Maddy spent time playing dolls with her little sister.

IMG_3474 IMG_3477

How Successful Was It?

Let me explain how successful this “experiment” was today. We have a rule in our house that the children can spend 30 minutes on electronics once school is done. If my wife has to repeat instructions more than once then the children can lose electronic time in 5-minute increments. This was the first time that Chase, my kinesthetic learner, did not loose electronic time. He was very proud.


I feel like it was more of a success for his parents. We have recognized his learning style and helped him succeed by allowing him to learn in a way that was natural and helpful.

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