Common Core… What do you think?

I don’t remember a more controversial education than the Common Core. I know that teachers and parents hated No Child Left Behind (rightfully so), but this issue has far surpassed anything that we saw with the previous educational debates. There is all sorts of propaganda on both sides of the issue. I would love to know where you stand. Below is a documentary on the issue done by the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA). You can check out there website here:

There are some crazy things happening in public schools right now, and that may explain why home schooling is growing at 7% annually (probably more now) and public schooling is barely scratching out .5% Check out some of the startling things that are happening in public schools around the country in our links below the video.

I am not a conspiracy theorist. I actually believe that most public school teachers and administrators absolutely have the best interests in mind when it comes to the children they serve. But like anyone else that has ever mentioned home school to family or friends or strangers, we have been criticized for daring to go against the norm. I was (at one time) one of those people that did the criticizing. So this rest of this post is not an attempt to say that all public schools are bad, but I think it is important that we recognize that they are not perfect and parents that want to improve their children’s education should not be criticized by a system that clearly does not have things figured out yet.

Beware… this is where I go on a little rant. Sorry, but I am feeling a little feisty and fed up with some of the things happening right in front of us. So, if you are not in the mood for a rant, then check out some of our other great homeschool ideas here.

Common Core in one example of power hungry officials trying to dictate from a throne. More and more power is being taken by the authorities in public education at every level. I worry that some in powerful positions see my child as a paycheck and pawns. I also worry that some in those positions are beginning to think that it is their duty to determine what is good or bad for my child. I comments on different news sites and blogs that “if parents can’t do it then the government has to” and that is scary. The government is beginning to tell parents that caring for their children is not their job any longer. It now belongs to a government that has explicitly stated it will not recognize issues of morality because that is a personal choice.

It is frightening what public officials can do when they are given power to oversee our children’s lives for 7 hours every week day. Sometimes that power goes to the head, and then something terrible has to happen before we get in under control. As parents we have to ask ourselves if we are OK with someone else making critical decisions in our behalf without our approval.

Check out these links:

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  1. I guess the thing that worries me the most is not what Common Core is today. There will always be standards. What bothers me the most is what Common Core can become tomorrow, if we allow it to gain power and momentum. The Federal Government has no business being in education in the first place, but we allowed them to get started when President Johnson passed the Elementary and Secondary Education Act in the 60’s. As soon as we authorized the Federal Government to fund education, we opened the door to their intrusive methods. President Carter turned the Office of Education into a cabinet-level Department of Education. Those that supported the Department of Education used the Commerce Clause and Taxing and Spending Clause to justify its constitutionality. Seriously!!! That is the foundation upon which the federal government controls the education of our children. It is not right.

    I don’t know that the problem is Common Core, but the fundamental fact that the federal government has no business creating a Common Anything when it comes to education. That power is not mentioned in the constitution. And you know what it says about any power not explicitly given to the federal government–it should not be a power they wield.

    Thanks for posting the video.

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