Spend the Day Reading


I got up this morning and thought how nice it would be to change things up and have a fun day of just reading. I made a list of different subjects: history, science, art, countries, people, math, animals, music, poetry, etc.IMG_3423

I told them we were having a read-a-thon day. We would be going to the library to check out books on lots of different things so they would have a variety of materials to keep their interest.

At our library we can check out fifty books. The four oldest selected nine books (one from each subject). My seven year-old picked out nine books on subjects of his choice. The four year-old chose fourteen story books.


  • We made a big poster that said READ-A-THON and hung it in the entrance to the family room.
  • We made smaller signs for each of the different subjects and put these up around the house in different rooms with the books from that subject.
  • We made some treats. I kept it simple with brownies and popcorn.
  • We set a timer and rotated rooms every fifteen minutes with a five-minute break in between.


After one hour the younger children were tired of reading on their own so I took thirty minutes and read from Anderson’s Fairy Tales out loud to them all.

We read for 2 ½ hours but of course you can do this for whatever length of time works for your children.

* It might be helpful to break this up over a couple of days so that they library trip was separate from the actual read-a-thon.

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