1st Grade Writing Assignment

Chase is seven years old and, as I have mentioned in other posts, struggles a little with reading. We have a daily routine to help Chase practice and learn to enjoy writing. It is also a good process to help him understand words in the text he has just read.

He and I read together every day. I let him read for a while and when he gets tired I finish reading a loud to him while he follows along.


The Writing Assignment

1. He picks out any three words from the reading and writes those words at the top of the page. It doesn’t matter what words he chooses. The autonomy is his favorite part.

2. We talk about any of the words that he may not understand and I help him learn what they mean. Since a lot of our reading, as I described in an earlier post, comes from the scriptures, there are lots words that we stop and discuss.

3. He writes three sentences using one of the words he has chosen in each sentence.

IMG_3429 IMG_3434

This simple exercise accomplishes a lot.

  • We get a chance to talk about words that Chase may not understand.
  • I help him understand how to use the words correctly in a sentence.
  • Writing the sentences gives him practice with his handwriting and helps him learn how to use punctuation and grammar.
  • I use the exercise to help him learn how to spell better.

It is simple enough that the process of writing doesn’t overwhelm him. It also helps him to get used to forming sentences and sometimes even making them interesting! He really likes the fact that he gets to choose the words. It gives him a sense of pride and accomplishment.


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