Banana grams Spelling Game

Playing with banana grams our own way!

We did a fun activity together today. You could use this for spelling or writing or whatever you want! Be as creative as you want to be with it.

IMG_3498 IMG_3497 IMG_3496

We dumped out all the banana gram letters (you could use scrabble letters too). Everyone grabbed eight. We each made our own words using only our eight letters. We had a new set of instructions for each round, and grabbed a new set of eight letters each time.

Our Rules

First round: see who can spell the longest word.

Second round: see who can spell the happiest word.

Third round: see who can spell the grumpiest word.

Fourth round: see who can spell the word with the most vowels.

Fifth round: see who can spell the funniest word.

IMG_3503 IMG_3502 IMG_3501 IMG_3500

We had lots of fun with this word game. We all helped 7 year-old Chase. In fact, when anyone was really stuck we helped them make a word. You could set a timer if you don’t want each round to take too long. Have fun coming up with a new way to play each round and then let us know by sharing it below in the comments.


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