Why are you homeschooling?

Sometimes you just have to listen to that little voice inside that tells you to…STOP! Go now!

Recognize the Opportunity

IMG_3494Gracie is four. She is pretty independent and doesn’t usually ask for a lot of attention during the morning hours when I am busy with all the other kids trying to help them accomplish their tasks. But today she did. She was on the living room floor playing with Jenga blocks while I was in the kitchen trying to finish cleaning up our mess from breakfast.

She called out to me “Mom wanna build this with me?”

My immediate response was: “Not right now. I have to finish this.” I was in a hurry to get on with the day and had a lot of things rolling through my head like I usually do about what we are going to be doing that day.

She simply said “okay” and went on building by herself.

I stopped. I felt a nudge that I shouldn’t put her off. I quickly put down what I was doing and went and sat down beside her to help her build. It really didn’t take much extra time out of the day or the schedule and she was happy to have me to herself for a few minutes. We laughed and I didn’t think about anything else except what we were doing in that moment.

“The better part…”

The best part for me will be when I get ready for bed at the end of the day, when the house is quiet and all the children are tucked in for sleep and my thoughts turn to how the day went. I will feel a quiet, peaceful satisfaction that I did the very best thing. I will know I put first things first and there isn’t any better feeling than that.


I want to be like the old lady I recently read about in a book. She was going to live in a nursing home alone because her husband had died. She said “Each day is a gift, and as long as my eyes open, I will focus on the new day and all of the happy memories I have stored away…just for this time in my life.” Someday that old lady will be me. I want happy memories stored away…just for that time in my life.

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