Create your own sundial

old sundial isolated over white

Here are the instructions for creating your homeschool sundial. 

1. Print out the template (see link below for the template) on heavy paper and cut on black lines.


2. Fold on green lines.


3. Turn toward the north and stick a pencil through the red dot.


4. Look at a clock and based on the time, tilt up or down to match the correct time.


5. Glue or tape in place.


6. Come back in a few hours and see if it is still correct. If not, adjust the sundial so

It is correct.


I got this idea one day when I was reading a book called Christopher Columbus and the Age of Exploration for Kids, by Ronald A. Reis. I was flipping through the pages and looking at all the activities in it when I came upon this one. It was fun to make. I stuck it in a flowerbed in the back yard. It actually worked! At three o’clock I could see the shadow and was able to figure out that was the time!

Click here to get the template 


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