Terri Brady and Finding Your “Why” to Homeschool


Vision is one of the most important pieces when it comes to successfully tackling a new adventure like Homeschooling your Children. Every homeschool family should have a list of reasons WHY TO HOMESCHOOL and a second list of 25 THINGS YOU WANT TO GET OUT OF HOMESCHOOL. 

You may think those are two lists are exactly the same, but in reality they simply share some common features. Reasons to homeschool will include some of those things that propelled you into this journey. The second list is going to focus more on outcomes–end of the line gains. The first list will deal a lot with opportunities you get from home education while the second list will address the benefits from those opportunities.

I strongly suggest that you take a minute and write out your two lists. Don’t worry about avoiding or including those things that are similar. Just write out the lists.

What if you can’t think of any core reasons for homeschooling? Well, that is where today’s podcast will really help you. Terri Brady obtained an engineering degree and started working in the engineering world, but really wanted to be able to stay home with her children. She and her husband have an awesome story about how they set the goal of bringing Terri home and then struck out to make it happen. Their road has not been easy or without challenges. In fact, in 2008, Terri was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

While I can’t relate their entire story in this post, you can go and read about their experiences on Terri’s personal blog by clicking on this link:


The Brady story is one that will inspire and uplift you. Along the way, not only did Terri get to come home, but she started homeschooling her children. As Terri and I worked out how to do this particular interview, we decided to let her utilize one of her strengths–story telling. So I emailed her a series of questions and she told her story addressing those questions along the way. I think that as you listen, you will agree that it was the right way to do it.

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  2. With homeschooling, the parents take full responsibility of their children’s education. It is intense parenting, as parents spend more time with their children, doing the hard work and having the patience to educate their kids.


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