Paden’s Paper on Puppies

0-2 weeks

Puppies are blind and deaf at this stage. They are highly dependent on their mothers now. Their senses such as touch, smell, and taste get stronger as they grow. Their ear canals will start to open up after 2 weeks. They will start to socially interact with others. During this stage, hold them, pet them, and softly talk to them as much as possible.


2-4 weeks

Their eyes open and they start to get teeth. During this stage they will start to get bored of lying down all day and will start to try to stand and crawl or walk.


4-12 weeks

Social interaction will increase which is very important so let your puppy have fun and enjoy life. Their fear response will also start to kick in so try to expose them to the outdoors and things around the house.





I was just laying in bed sleeping peacefully when suddenly mom burst in the room making everyone’s heads pop off the pillow as she screamed, “Lady’s having puppies!!!” lady is our dog. She is a white purebred Labrador with a brown nose and black rings around her eyes. Purebred means that her parents are both 100% lab. So if you have a purebred golden retriever, then both of his parents are 100% golden retriever.

So anyway we all bolted out to the garage where the puppies were to be born. They all were fine until number 8 came. When the puppy was born the umbilical cord started bleeding pretty badly. Dad tied some dental floss around it to stop the bleeding and the puppy was saved.

It was so cool to watch how Lady automatically knew what to do to take care of a puppy each time it was born. The pup would come out and lady would drag it to her front side and eat the outer membrane. Then she would softly bite the umbilical cord off. Then lady would lick the baby clean of all the blood and other fluids that came out with it.

The puppies were so cute when they climbed over each other and whimpered. It sounded like a high-pitched squeal. We realized this is where the term “dog pile” comes from. They really do crawl and lay all over each other. You have to be pretty careful with them and watch them closely or else big momma might lie down on one of them and suffocate them without realizing it.

Lady had a total of ten puppies. The last two were still born. In the middle of the first night my mom woke up to check on them in the garage and found one puppy away from the rest by itself. It wasn’t breathing. Puppies need it to be really warm at first and even though it was a nice night and they had a blanket to sleep on we think it might have gotten too cold when it got separated from its mother. W brought them in the house and gave them one of the extra bedrooms. I like to read in there with them and watch them. They spend all their time eating or sleeping.





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