6 Ways to Create Social Experiences for Your Children

In this podcast, I will explain 6 ways you can create social experiences for your homeschooled children. This is one of the most commonly asked questions of parents that choose to school their children at home. It is as if public school is the only place a child can get a social experience. Thank goodness that is not the case. There are social experiences all around you. In fact, you may find that your children already have sufficient social experiences. In that case, you won’t even need to keep reading (although I hope that you will).

6 Ways to Create an Appropriate Social Experience

1. Group lessons

2. Local library functions (Especially during the summer months)

3. K12 Homeschool 

4. Use social media to identify other homeschool families and create a co-op group or park day.

5. Play with the same friends that they would play with at school, but at home instead.

6. Extra curricular activities like sports or 4H.

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