4 Questions You Have to Ask Your Teen

Last episode we kind of talked about some “simple” questions that you could ask your children to help you build that relationship and open the doors of communication. Now, we want to talk about some questions that you absolutely, must ask your teens to help keep them safe in a crazy, immoral world. I know that not everyone has the same ideals as me, but I believe these questions are absolutely necessary for parents to understand where their children are at on these important topics.

One word of caution… I should not need to issue this warning, but I will:

DO NOT TRY TO HAVE EACH OF THESE CONVERSATIONS AT THE SAME TIME!!!  Let these happen over a process of time and you will see that eventually your child’s guard will come down and they will feel more comfortable having these important conversations with you instead of their peers–or even worse: google and other social media outlets!

1. What would you do if you were ever offered drugs?

On the podcast I suggested role playing this scenario with your children to help them practice their “NO” response.

2. When was the last time you saw pornography?

I explained why I ask “when” instead of “have you” when it comes to this topic.

3. Which of your friends are you most worried about and why?

To answer this question openly, your children HAVE to know that you are on their side and that you only want to help. Trust with this question is critical if you are going to get to the issues that really are important.

4. Why do you think sexual relationships in high school are risky? What would you say to a friend that was considering having sex before marriage?

This conversation will help you gauge where you child is at on this important topic. Are they buying into the social media and hollywood rhetoric?


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