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Bill Coder from Math U See was so great to visit with me about their math curriculum. When we started homeschooling, there were two or three math programs that I felt like I was hearing mentioned over and over again. Math U See was one of the top two. We had never tried Math U See in our own homeschooling, but just three or four weeks before I did this interview, Jessica and I decided to try Math U See for the first time and see if it helped our children progress through the important math concepts. We were especially concerned about our 13 year-old. So when Bill said he could do this interview, I was extra excited about it for personal reasons.

Math U See

What does your child already know about math? This can be a major challenge for new homeschool parents when they actually start considering homeschool. How will you know where your child was, and perhaps most importantly, what math concepts should you teach them next. One of the major functions of Math U See is to help you establish where they are in their math comprehension and then move them through the year as math concepts build upon each other.

How about the things that your child should have learned but did not because your were on a vacation, or he got sick, or she had a substitute that day? Do you know how to find out the concepts where they lack some understanding? Again, this is a major aide from utilizing the curriculum from Math U See.

Some other important features of Math U See:

  • Curriculum allows parents to individualized instruction
  • Math U See reaches students that might not succeed in a typical learning setting
  • The manipulative used in Math U See are the same from the first level to Algebra
  • Steve Demme has a background in public education (high school math) and religion
  • The instructional DVD set that helps instruct your child
  • Multi-sensory approach to take advantage of several learning styles


Math U See Now has an App

Take your math lessons on the road with our Math-U-See Manipulatives app for Apple and Chrome (Android and Kindle Fire coming soon). This portable supplement features the same colors, shapes, and functionality as the physical blocks, fraction overlays, and algebra/decimal inserts that are integral to Math-U-See from Primer through Algebra 1.

check it out right here on iTunes:

or here for the Chrome devices:


The Math U See has been tested in public education settings and proved its ability to reach children that need more than a typical classroom. Check out these graphs from the Math U See. You can click on the graph and it will take you to a site that will tell you all about the pilot program in New Mexico.



Spell You See

Based on research by Dr. Karen Holinga, who has a PhD in Developmental Reading, Curriculum, and Professional Development from The Ohio State University.

The major strength that I see in this new spelling curriculum is how it utilizes the visual nature of spelling rather than simply relying solely on memorization. You can learn more about Dr. Holinga at her personal site by clicking on the following link:

While this is just a spelling program, some of the great “side affects” is that reading and writing will improve. Even though it is not designed to address those issues, they are great residual affects.


Thoughts or Questions About Math U See

If you have used Math U See, I would personally love to know what your experience has been. Jessica and I are going to use it this year and we would really appreciate any suggestions or insights you could share with us. Just leave a comment below.

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