DiSC Homeschool Style

DiSC is a behavior type test that can help you understand typical behaviors in individuals and the strengths and weaknesses of those behaviors in day to day settings. This material has been utilized in the workplace for decades. When I first read about DiSC, I immediately realized the potential for using this type of knowledge in a homeschool setting. I hope you get as excited as I did about how this stuff could help you and your children understand each other in a way that will help your homeschool adventures reach new heights.

For those interested in the LDS Homeschool Conference that I mentioned in this show, you can find more information at the following website:


I hope my comments about my friends Milo and Amy did not come across “commercial-ish” or tacky. They did not ask me to mention them on the podcast. In fact, they don’t even know that I have mentioned them. I just sincerely hope to help this incredible couple find a baby that needs love and attention and an AWESOME home to be raised in. If you are interested in helping Milo and Amy Lines in their efforts to adopt a baby, please check out their website or you can contact me directly at brian@101homeschoolideas.com


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