Homeschool Will Give You More Time!

How many times have you worried about time? When it comes to homeschool that is one of the concerns I hear the most. “I don’t have the time.” “I need those hours when my children are in school!” “How will I find the time to be with each one of my children?” Or, there is a concern that I had never considered before, but seems perhaps more legitimate than the ones I have already mentioned. “What will I do with all that extra time when they are done with school work?”

Homeschooling is all about time!

In today’s episode I am going to address many of the concerns that people have regarding time. Yes, I actually believe that when you get into your homeschool routine you will find that you actually have more time than you do right now. Can I be serious? Well, listen to this short podcast and see if you agree with me: Homeschooling can actually give you more hours in a day.

If you are anything like we were, then your days were crazy when it came to scheduling. We took children to school, then we picked them up from school and the craziness began. We had to get over an hour’s worth of homework done. Then they wanted to play with friends. Then it was dinner time. Then it was soccer practice or football game or scouts or WHATEVER!!!! Finally we would get home and take our first breath around 8:00.

AHHHH! We were fed up. So we started homeschooling, and while we are definitely busy (6 children will do that to you) we feel like we are in more control. I believe that homeschool actually gave us an extra 3 hours every day. My wife is finished with school (INCLUDING HOMEWORK) by 1:00. Then they can spend some time with her or play with friends once they get home from school. Before homework and school would take until 4:00 or 4:15. That is how home school gave my family 3 extra hours a day!

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