Homeschool and Emotionally Intelligent Children

John Gottman is one of the most well-known researchers in the area of family relationships and the author of one of my newest favorite books:

Raising An Emotionally Intelligent Child


In today’s episode I focuses on briefly defining an emotionally intelligent child from what I learned in Dr. Gottman’s book and then giving an overview of the five practices of an Emotion Coaching parent. Those steps are:

1. Become aware of the child’s emotion.

2. Recognize the emotion as an opportunity to teach and get closer to your child.

3. Listen to your child with empathy and validate their feelings.

4. Help your child find words they understand that explain their feelings.

5. Set limits and then help your child come up with alternative, healthy ways to address their emotions.

Emotion Coaching and Homeschool

Can you imagine the benefits this approach to parenting would have in a homeschool environment? I believe the first step towards successful homeschools is the relationship that bridges between the parents and the children. This approach to raising children actually helps you build that bridge.


What would change in your approach to homeschool?

What aspects to homeschool would change if you were to implement Dr. Gottman’s research in your home? What improvements can you imagine? If you are interested, click on the link below for purchase his book for less that $10.

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