Dr. Gottman’s 4 Parenting Styles

Usually, you are giving the homework to your children. Well, it is time for you to do the homework. On a piece of paper, describe your parenting style. Now, turn the paper over and ask one (or more) of your children to describe your parenting style. You may have to assure them that you want them to be honest–completely honest is always the best policy!!


If your children were completely honest as they described your parenting style, you may have found parts of the description a little disappointing. Maybe you did not even realize that your children felt that way. We have been talking about Dr. Gottman’s book for the past few episodes. In this episode I discuss his four parenting styles.

The Four Parenting Styles from Dr. John Gottman

There are four styles:

  1. Dismissing
  2. Disapproving
  3. Laissez Faire
  4. Emotion Coaching



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