John Taylor Gatto

Public education–even with teachers doing everything they can–continues to lose traction. Nationwide, students today are falling further behind those from other countries. We all know that the school system, as it is constituted today and generally speaking, is not succeeding.


The Symptoms

Anytime you get sick, you actually do not feel the germs or viruses that are attacking your body. What you really feel is your body’s reaction to the illness and its attempt to get rid of it. Well, the public school system is similar to an illness. The problems we see in society today are merely symptoms of the illness that is infecting the compulsory efforts to educate every, single student in the exact same way whether they are interested or not. So what are the symptoms in society when an education system fails? According to John Taylor Gatto, there are lots of them:

  • Highest teen suicide rate in the world
  • Increased number of failed marriages
  • Apathetic generation of teenagers
  • Largest sales outlet for illegal and prescription drugs in the world


There were others that he mentions in his book, Dumbing Us Down: The Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory Education. If you are interested, you can check out the link below. It will take you to Amazon where you can read the reviews and judge for yourself whether or not this would be a book for you. Like I said in the podcast, I really like what I am learning from him, although I do not always share his fanaticism.


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