From Pathetic to Empathetic

mother shouting at doughterBe an Empathetic Parent… Not a Pathetic One…

Demonstrating Empathy is Key to STRONG Relationships

In this episode, I discuss how empathy will strengthen your relationships and help you overcome the number one obstacle in any emotional situation with your children. I am not an expert in this field. Instead, I am someone who desperately needs to improve in this area and what I have been doing has helped me be a better parent. I have seen a huge improvement in how my children respond when they are melting down. We get over the issue much faster. I say “We” because, let’s face it, when our children melt down they are not the only ones that need to move on and get over it.

I believe this skill will dramatically improve your homeschooling experience. Listen to the podcast to understand why it will improve your other relationships as well.

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