Why You Need a Journal to Homeschool

Why is journaling so important? Well, I want to show you how you can use a different kind of journal to help your teaching and parenting. This new type of journal is called a . . .

3 Word Journal


Randall Wright is the author of this type of journal. Follow the steps I outline in the podcast and you will be able to start recording memories from your past that you can use to teach your children. There is no question that our children learn from our stories. Our stories help us relate to our children and help our children see us as human beings with a past rather than just a robot programed to ruin their lives by forcing them to finish their dinner and clean their rooms.

Don’t get overwhelmed

One of the reasons that I have been poor at keeping a journal is because it can be so overwhelming. Do a little at a time. You can make this a part of your own homeschool homework. I suggest that while your children are working on some writing assignment, that you show them you have homework too. Take 30 minutes a day and you pretty soon you will have over 90 experiences from your own personal life that you can use to teach and connect with your children. Getting that many experiences will only take you a month. Keep going and in a year you will have over a 1,000 experiences from your own life and they will catalogued by subject in a way that will help you retrieve them quickly.

Need more explanation

If the podcast was not quite clear enough, check out Randall Wright’s book. You can get it at Amazon by clicking on this link:


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