Ep. 55: Rehab After Negative Learning Experiences

Rehab for Public School Experiences

Every homeschool parent has a reason that they want to bring their children home from public schools and educate them in the home. Those reasons usually boil down to the same general three or four reasons. Each case, however, is its own situation and needs to be treated with individual attention.

In this episode I am going to share with you an analogy that I thought of while running regarding physical therapy and a broken ankle. I did not follow through on the physical therapy and it has affected the way I walk, run, and stand. When our children have difficult experiences with the learning process that takes place in a public school, it is important that we take time to rehab the way they view learning in general. Otherwise, they might associate all learning with those negative feelings and convince themselves that they hate learning, when what they really hate is getting bullied or ignored or talked down to or–well, again the list of specifics goes on and on.

So, if you are worried about you children because past negative experiences in public schools, then you have to listen to today’s episode. Enjoy.


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