Ep 59 Forcing verses Leading

A Homeschool Parable

YummyThere once was a man that married a girl from the country who loved horses. The man, however, was from the city and had never ridden a horse in his life. One day, several years into their marriage, he bought his wife a colt. One day the husband went out to the corral, selected a long lead rope, and a bright green halter. The man was going to show his wife that he could be a real country boy. He was going to lead this little colt around the corral. The halter went on with no problems at all. The lead rope was fastened in its place. Then the man went to the end of the lead rope and started to pull. But the colt did not move. The man was determined┬áto get this colt to follow him so he pulled even harder, but the colt just planted his hooves in the dirt and, again, did not move. In his mind, the man thought, “I am bigger than you and you will do what I want you to do.” So the city-slicker doubled his efforts and pulled harder on the rope. But still, the colt did not move.


The man did not realize it, but his wife had been watching from the window from the beginning. Finally, she came out of the house and, holding back a laugh, she gently took the lead rope from her husband. She then walked up to the colt and put her arm around the little horse’s neck. As she took two or three little steps, the horse did the same. Within a matter of moments, the country girl and her colt were walking side by side around the little corral while the husband sat dumbfounded on the fence.

Young woman with her horse


Homeschool Application

While your children are young you can play the role of the father: “I am bigger than you, and you will do what I say. Now go and do that spelling sheet.” But eventually, you will lose that leverage and your child will plant her feet. What will you do if you have not spent enough time with you arm around her shoulders walking with her? Listen to today’s podcast and learn some strategies that will get you beside your “colt” instead of pulling out in front.





  1. Love this episode! It’s really making me think. Thank you for this. I think this is just what I needed to hear today. I’m always so happy to listen to a podcast that makes me really think. Great stuff!

    Just FYI, the audio is split….your voice in right side only, music in left side only.

    Also the word is “versus” not “verses”. ­čÖé

    1. Author

      Thanks for catching my “goof” on the audio and the spelling. That is weird that the audio split like that. I will try to fix it in upcoming episodes.

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