Ep. 65 Goofy Games

We had such a positive response to Episode 30: 8 Immature Games, that I realized, I should probably do another installment… so 35 episodes later, here you go.

Episode 65: Messy Games for You and Your Homeschool Gang

We did each of these games at a birthday party for my son. He and his buddies loved them. In fact, when we pulled out the cake and ice cream, they wanted to keep playing instead.

The Nylon Bump

This game requires a pair of nylons, (2) tennis balls, and a basket for each participant. Place one tennis ball at the very end of one of the nylon feet. Now place the other tennis ball between your feet. Several feet away, place the basket on its side on the ground. The waist part of the nylons… you guessed it… goes on your head. You now have a weighted sling. Without using your hands, swing the ball in the nylon into the ball on the floor. The game is over once someone gets their tennis ball “bumped” into the basket.






For this activity, you are going to need a cheap, plastic shower cap and pile of Cheetos for each participant and a can of Barbasol shaving cream (make sure you get the cream and not a gel). Each contestant puts on the shower cap and then you cover it with shaving cream. The objective of the game is to hold your arm straight (don’t bend the elbow) and toss a Cheeto on the shower cap and get it to stick in the shaving cream. At the end of 90 seconds, the player with the most Cheetos stuck in the shaving cream wins.

20150219-IMG_5063    20150219-IMG_5075

Klenex Race

This is going to waste a couple boxes of Klenex Tissue, but if you child has fun and giggles for a good 90 seconds to 2 minutes, it will be totally worth it. The objective: empty your Klenex box before anyone else. Each person needs his own box of tissues. The rules:

  • You can only use one hand
  • You can only take out one tissue at a time
  • Empty your box before anyone else


Oreo Crawl

20150219-IMG_5107This is a classic minute-to-win-it game. We have done this at family parties and company get-togethers. Give each person an Oreo cookie and then have her place it on her head. Without using her hands, she needs to move the cookie down her face and into her mouth. Get your cameras ready, because this will be an event filled with funny faces. All you can do is wrinkle your forehead and squish your cheeks. GOOD LUCK!!!

Chocolate Chip Toss

This is a variation of the Cheetos-Toss. This time, you need to put the shaving cream on the children’s faces. Then have a partner toss chocolate chips from four or five feet away. Whoever gets the most chocolate chips to stay on the face wins. We played this game at a different birthday party just a couple weeks ago and the kids loved it.

IMG_0138  IMG_0143


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