Carole Joy Seid and Homeschooling Made Simple

In today’s episode I interview Carole Joy Seid. Carole is a fantastic advocate for simple homeschool and her approach is one that I whole-heartedly agree with and that we try to utilize in our own home. Sometimes we get a little complicated and we have to reel back a little and readjust… but hey, that is the great part of homeschooling—when something is not working, we are not mandated by the Federal Government or a local school district to keep using it!!!

Croatian doorsEducation should be like a series of doors; each one leading to a different subject or style or approach. Not every door will be for every child. As a parent why shove our children through a door that does not fit their personality and experiences. Instead, show them how many doors there really are and let them choose the one that they want to explore.

If you have ever felt overwhelmed by all of the little things that have to get done when it comes to homeschooling your children, then just take a break; kick off your shoes and listen to Carole’s philosophy. One of the things that I love about Carole is that she is so experienced in this field. In the interview, she talks about the early days of homeschooling when you could not let your children outside or go to public places during the operating hours of local schools because children staying out of public schools were being taken from their parents. Boy—how things have changed in the last 30 years.

Carole also has a new DVD series out called “Homeschool Made Easy.” She discusses the series and how it got started in the interview. At the time of the interview I had not seen it, but after talking to her and seeing how similar our approaches to homeschooling are, I am excited to check it out. You can find links to Carole’s DVDs and her website here:

Important Points from the Interview

Carole’s first reaction to Dr. Dobson’s teachings from Focus on the Family.

Benefits to forgetting about the typical school setting

Keys to help get your home educated children into major universities (even Harvard and Yale)

Carole’s seminars on Literature-based education and “Begin with the End in Mind” for parents homeschooling in the middle school and high school ages

A great service opportunity for homeschool children to receive a national volunteer award (see the link below)

Benefits to literature-based education


Links from this episode:

The President’s Volunteer Service Award


Here is the biography on John Newton that Carole mentioned in the interview:


Check out Carole’s seminars at this page:


Here is Carole’s videos:



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  1. I am really enjoying the podcast! Episode 68 rang true to all my beliefs about homeschooling and was yet another strong re confirmation that homeschooling is the best thing I can do for my kids. Thanks for putting out great content in every episode of your show. I shared it on Facebook with all my friends.

    1. Author

      I am so glad you enjoy the podcast. I really loved visiting with Carole. Her philosophy can really help save both relationships as well as a child’s love for learning. Keep listening and let me know if you have any ideas or things you would like me to cover in an upcoming episode.

  2. Amazing interview. I absolutely LOVE Carole Joy Seid. I am always looking for inspiration and encouragement from her and found your podcast today for the first time, thanks to her website. Thank you for interviewing her! Our oldest is turning 6 in October and we are the first people we know to homeschool. It’s been quite a journey to deal with family and everyone’s assumptions of what we should be doing with our kids at this point. Our kids love to learn and play and are doing so, naturally, without a curriculum. Thanks for the encouragement I need to keep going on the journey we are on and not give in to the pressure from other family to really push her with curriculum for all the standard subjects they do in school. We read tons and she’s actually reading and loving it, but she read because she wanted to not being pushed by us. It’s so hard when you come from a family with educators and principals etc to continuously “answer to”. I would love any suggestions on handling the family and people that test your children’s knowledge at every opportunity and how to approach that. We have family that is constantly quizzing our kids about what they know and “tell me what subjects your studying right now”. With our kids being almost 6 and younger it confuses and frustrates them and I seem to have a hard time getting their teacher aunts to stop and leave them be.

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