Ep. 69 Read. Read. Read.

What do you do when health issues keep you child out of school: YOU HOMESCHOOL!

On today’s show, I answered a question from Anna about her daughter in the 7th grade that has some health issues that they are working through. Anna wanted to know what she could do to help her daughter keep up with her school work in the interim.


African American Mother Father Boys Family Reading Book

I LOVE reading and I firmly believe that if we can implant in our children a love for great books, we will have given them the key to successful education for years to come. Get your children into great books and you will open the door to incredible conversations about morality, good vs. evil, and the value of hard work. Get into a book and read TO your children out loud. No matter how old your child is, they will love listening to you read to them. Hopefully, it will remind them of days long gone by, when you used to do it more regularly. If that is not something you have done, well, start right now. Get going.


Father reading to his sons


Les Miserables

This is the copy of Les Miserable that we own in our home. Several of us have read it and it is now falling apart.


If you want your own copy, click on this link to Amazon and jump in. Don’t let the size intimidate you. You eat an elephant the same way you eat a chicken: one bite at a time.


What about the other subjects?

To be honest, I would not worry too much about the other subjects—unless your children absolutely loves them.


[Understand that I am talking about a situation that is temporary. If you are homeschooling your children on a full-time basis, you must have some sort of plan to help them learn math and science, but if the homeschool situation is temporary, I would not fuss over it too much]


Here is a great source for Math: MATH-U-SEE


We love these science books. Even though they are aimed at a much younger audience, my 14 year-old loves to look through them. We all love the DK Eyewitness Books


Every now and then, however, he wants a little more serious look at science. So we have this book on the shelf and he has loved it.

You won’t regret any of these books. If you have the budget, I strongly suggest any or all of them. On the other hand, if money is a little tight, I suggest you get a classical literature piece and read it together.


If you would like my reading list for my children to read over the summer, you can click right here and get a pdf. We have hung this in my office and our children know that if they read one of these books and write a report during the summer months, they get either $2, $3, or $5—depending on the book.


Ricks’ Reading List

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