Choosing Curriculum Pt. 2

We have talked about you as the parent… Now lets take a few days and consider your children. In this episode, I am going to share a few questions for you to ask yourself about each child. Now… these questions need to be considered for each child as an individual. DO NOT GROUP YOUR CHILDREN INTO THE SAME LUMP! They each have their strengths and weaknesses.

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One of the most important part of choosing a curriculum that will fit your children is to consider their learning styles. Many homeschool parents find themselves totally frustrated because they pick a curriculum that does not match their child’s learning style and they don’t do anything to adjust for different learning styles. The best curriculum will either match your children’s learning styles or will be adjustable so that you can include different approaches.

Get your paper and pen ready and then pause whenever your need to jot down a few ideas about each of your child.

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