Ep 78 Q&A Housework vs. Homeschool?

Today I am going to address a voice question that came to me a few weeks ago from Sarah. I think this is a really GREAT QUESTION ABOUT HOMESCHOOL! It is a question that every parent has worried about as they stand on the edge of the homeschool decision.


How can I get everything done around the house and homeschool at the same time?

Just because you homeschool does not mean you sink HAS to look like this every day!

In today’s episode we talk about ways that you can organize yourself each day to accomplish the things that are most important. I also dragged my wife in front of the microphone (it has been 76 episodes since she did it last–it was definitely about time)!

The other things we talk a little about is balance and how you absolutely cannot stay balanced on every day of the year. Instead, you real goal when you are homeschooling (or doing anything else in your life) is to STAY BALANCED OVER THE LONG-TERM!

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