Ep 79 Creative Writing Resource For All Ages

In our episode today I have an awesome resource for you that will help you teach your children how to be more creative in their writing! If you have ever given your children a writing assignment, you have probably felt the frustration of receiving a one sentence answer. They have addressed your answer, but there is not meat… no description… no creativity.


Creative Writing Ideas For All Ages


I actually got found this resource from a member of the 101 Homeschool Ideas FaceBook Group. Angela was so kind to send me a message with this website and as I explored it, I could see several ideas of how we could use this in our homeschool this upcoming year.

Check out the website yourself:


This is just one example of the great ideas that we could be sharing through the Facebook Group. If you are not a member of that group, jump over there and like our page. To get to our page, just click here (or on the Facebook logo below). Then keep you eye out for the great ideas throughout the school year. As you find something that really works well, or if you come into a challenge teaching a certain subject to a specific age, bring it to the community and lets build a huge resource that will help us all.



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