Ep 84 Intrinsic Motivation Through Customization

True or False: One of the biggest challenges to teaching is addressing all of the needs of different children? False

The truth is: Children will do well in school when they are motivated to do so. The real challenge to teaching is to find the specific motivation key that will strike at the heart of each child (yes… I know that is the same thing as my question. It was a trick question. I always hated teachers that would do that to me; which is probably why I did it to you here).


Customization Can Lead to Motivation

I believe that the single greatest advantage to homeschool is your ability, as the parent, to change the educational process WHENEVER YOU WANT!!! You don’t have to wait for district approval. You don’t have to wait for legislative funding. You don’t have to wait for… well, for anything. If you get the feeling like your current approach to math just is not working for your child–then CHANGE IT TOMORROW!

Public schools cannot do that for several reasons. As a result, they have very little opportunity to motivate the majority of the students that current teaching models fail to reach. I am not being critical of teachers or even administrators. When you have 30 children in your classroom, you are going to have 35 different learning styles and whatever you are doing as a teacher will not reach them all. The lack of flexibility that a teacher is given in a classroom limits their ability to customize the approach for individual students and when that happens motivation decreases.

In today’s episode, I share some of our personal approaches to customizing the homeschool experience for our children. Specifically, I share what we had to do with our 14 year-old son this year because at the end of last year, he really began to struggle. I hope you enjoy the episode and if you have any questions you can always email me or leave a comment below.

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