Ep 85 Creative Dinner-time Games

Have you ever noticed at the dinner table how quickly younger children lose interest when you start a conversation with their older brothers and sisters? How long does it take for your older children to drift back to electronic devices when your youngest child starts repeating every single detail of the day?

Dinner time can be such a challenge for some families. How do you keep all of the children involved while still getting to talk and share the experiences from the day? Here are four games that will help you keep everyone engaged (and usually laughing, crying, or just listening).

Dinner-Time Games that will Transform Your Main Meal

Asian family sharing meal at home

These ideas came from a fantastic book that my wife, Jessica, and I read a few months ago. We loved it and we have suggested it to many, many people since there. Make sure you check out this incredible book from Richard and Linda Eyre.


The book deals with suggestions to help your children take ownership of their things; overcome the sense of entitlement that runs rampant today; build relationships with your children through virtues and standards; instill in your children the skills that will bless their lives start right now!

The book costs $14 through Amazon (if you use the link I will get a small little “thank you” from Amazon). Even if you don’t use the link, you should get the book. It has some incredible insights to parenting and children that seriously tweaked how my wife and I see our responsibilities as parents.

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