Ep 88 Take a Break and Learn More

Current educational research demonstrates the HUGE benefits that come from studying in shorter spurts with breaks rather than study-binging for long periods of time. Check out the podcast episode 88 and figure out why breaks in your day might be just the thing you need to help your children get more out of less time. You might be surprised what happens to their attentions span and their productivity during the day if you try this idea. In fact, if you give it a try, I would love to hear what you think. My wife is going to try it and I will post her experience below after a couple of days.

Here is the link to the app I mentioned in the podcast. I am still loving it. I use it on all of my projects and I feel like the breaks keep my mind more clear when I return to the important stuff.



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  1. Can you give the app you like to use as your timer? I can’t even come close to spelling it apparently when I try to search for it.

      1. Thanks a bunch! We implemented this today (using a regular timer..haha..since I can’t spell to search better) and I have to say I see a huge difference already! My 11yr old son is staying on task so much better and I haven’t had to nag him to focus at all! Hopefully this is a sign of more good things to come! Thanks for all you do! Love your podcasts….I stream them onto my shower speaker and they are my motivation for a great day ahead!

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