There are so many alternative ways to educate your child. When I grew up, there was homeschool and public education. Those that homeschooled were in the extreme minority and were considered extremists. It was almost like people expected them to dress in their own, handmade clothes, and refuse other modern conveniences. Have you noticed the move to accept and even embrace homeschool as a legitimate method of education? I started doing some research and I found some interesting facts.   Here are the 6 things that stood out to me:


6 Facts1. In 1980, homeschooling was illegal in 30 states. It was in 1993 that all 50 states had legalized homeschooling. I was a Junior in High School!!


2. In 1999 there were 850,000 homeschool students in the country. In 2009 there were 1.5 million homeschool students. Numbers for 2012 have been estimated to be around 2.04 million students.


3. The number of homeschool students, according to one researcher, for homeschool students from 2007 to 2010, increased by nearly 7% while the increase in public education enrollment was barely 0.5%.


4. The three main reasons stated for homeschooling were first, religious reasons; second concern over the public school environment (child safety–can you say bullying?); and third, dissatisfaction with the academic achievement.


5. Studies show that students that are homeschooled score 34 to 39 points higher on standardized tests. There are those that criticize the results. They say that it is possible that those students would have scored that well anyway. Critics also point out that the results may be skewed because of typical demographics of parents that tend to homeschool their children. The success of homeschooled children on these tests is actually remarkable when you consider the fact that most states do not require any teaching certificate for the parents that are teaching their children and only about half of the states require any verification of curriculum and/or testing for homeschooled children.


6. In a report in 2003, over 7,000 adults who had been homeschooled as children were interviewed and over 95% said that they were glad they were homeschooled and 92% said that they had benefited as adults because their parents chose to homeschool them.


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