Are you worried that your children are not being adequately prepared for their future? Are you concerned about your children’s safety in the public education system? Do your children cringe at the thought of “having” to learn something? Would you like to help your children develop a deep love for learning? Parents that start homeschooling their children often make ONE MAJOR MISTAKE. It is easy to do, but it can be the reason that homeschooling does not work in many homes across the nation. The mistake that parents make is that they fail to build a solid relationship with the child that will withstand the rigors of schooling. I believe most homeschooling efforts that fail actually DO NOT FAIL because of an lack of ability or interest. We just need to make sure the adventure starts on the right foundation.

My name is Brian Ricks and I can help you guide your children to an education that will prepare them to be tomorrow’s leaders, but first I want to help you build a bridge between you and your child that will allow your homeschool adventure to succeed. I have a PhD in Educational Leadership. My wife and I have alternated systems of education for our three oldest children over the last four years which has included homeschool, public school, and charter school. I have over 12 years experience teaching subjects that teenagers typically find boring, and yet in my class I find them really diving in and enjoying themselves. Almost without fail, the number one key to success in any teaching situation is the relationship between the teacher and the pupils.

On this website I am going to do four things:

  1. Teach you parenting and relationship skills that will create a bridge between you and your children and establish a foundation of trust so that your homeschool experience will be a success.        
  2. Help you understand the alternatives to public education that will help your child develop their individual potential and conquer their personal challenges. 
  3. Introduce you, through podcasts, to people that have helped their children succeed in alternative education systems.
  4. Teach you skills and give you practical ideas to engage your children in the learning process and lead them to a love of learning.

Learning is not supposed to be something that our children loathe and avoid. This is, however,  what today’s society has accepted as normal. Well… if that is normal, then I am not interested. Let’s do better than normal. Let’s help our children get excited about learning new things and let’s do it in a situation where we do not have to worry about their safety.

We have already helped others engage their children to take on learning with a new, positive attitude. Erin Boli said, “I love this Brian and Jess! Thanks for your inspiring idea! I am going to use this. You guys are amazing.” She said this about our Quote Board idea. Check it out here.



Several years ago, my wife came to me and told me that she wanted to homeschool our oldest son. She had so many questions about where to begin. I am embarrassed to say that I was very little help to her. At the time, I was finishing my thesis for a Masters Degree and beginning coursework for a PhD in Educational Leadership. I was going to work, the class, and then working on my thesis at night. So I was zero help to her as she tried to find answers regarding procedure, curriculum, ideas, and everything else–even though I was in the middle of two educational degrees.

I watched my wife will her way to each answer as best she could. Although she did an excellent job, the process was time consuming and my wife felt like she could have spent more time with our children had she been able to find those answers more quickly. In the end, her efforts were not wasted. Because now we are making everything she learned available to you, so that you can fast-forward the learning curve.

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