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Beatrice has a very broad educational background including three different countries: England, Cameroon, and Canada. She considers herself and original  homeschooler because of opportunities that she was “given” as a youth to do some education at home. That, she said, opened her eyes to the possibility of learning outside of a school building.

Beatrice described her ideal educational setting. It would include:

  • A similar setting to a library where the materials are free and students can search out what they want to learn.
  • No real tests
  • Opportunities for the students to contribute
  • Group work as described by John Seely Brown in this video

Beatrice’s book title is very insightful to the content (as is the case with any good title).

Natural Born Learners: We all come to this earth with innate ability to learn.

Unschooling: This idea comes from a couple of researchers. Initially Ivan Illich and John Holt.

Autonomy in Education: This addresses the critical need for the learner to engage the learning process and have some control over what and how that process will take place.

[su_heading size=”30″ margin=”40″]A main point of this book is to place the learner in the lead.[/su_heading] [su_spacer size=”120″]

Background for the Book

Beatrice and her family hosted a radio show from 2002-2008. As a part of the show, they interviewed advocates for alternative methods of education. (I think this is a great idea for a show!)  A majority of the text in this book is an adjusted transcription of those interviews.

To learn more about Beatrice, her book, or her philosophy on education check out these links:



Twitter: @RadioFreeSchool

I have started the book myself and highly recommend it. I think you will really find purpose and inspiration for what you are doing with your own home education efforts. To get your copy, click on this link:

Natural Born Learners: Unschooling And Autonomy In Education

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  1. I really liked what Beatrice said about the need to allow children the opportunity to contribute. Children have so much to offer, but often they are not allowed to share that because of their age is seen as limiting.

  2. I have never felt comfortable with the idea of “unschooling” but I like her approach. Maybe it was my lack of understanding that made me shy away, but after listening to the podcast it sounds like unschooling is changing how we think about education and learning: how it happens, where it happens, when it happens, who leads the learning process, who decides/directs that process, who determines what is worth learning, etc. I think I need to be unschooled!

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