Are you a parent that is looking for homeschool ideas that will help you child get into an excellent university? Have you ever worried about how you will know what will actually make your child’s college application stand out instead of blend in?  Have you ever wondered how to take advantage of the homeschool schedule and opportunities when it comes to getting into the college of your choice?

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, then lend me 34 minutes and Jeannie Borin will give you the answers. WOW! Jeannie Borin really delivered a home run. I hope you enjoyed the podcast. Here are the show notes. To get the free PDF checklist of things you can have your homeschool children do right now, just click on this link

5 Things to Do Right Now to Improve Your Children’s College Application


Jeannie and College Connections

Started in 2002 to help guide families with college application.

College Connections is the equivalent to a trainer at a gym. The gym is already there, but so often we need someone that knows the best routines and schedules that will accomplish your fitness goals.

Homeschool students and families use College Connections to keep up with all of the changes to the admission process.


Hurdles in the College Application Process

Have to pay attention to what Universities are looking for in regard to curriculum

Get involved with outside programs that will teach children how to work in a team


What can students do NOW

Don’t worry about quantity. Focus on QUALITY extra-curricular activities.

Regardless of what your passion is, find a way to volunteer and then stick with it.

Don’t tell the admissions committee things. Demonstrate your interests through what you are doing.

Look for opportunities to move up and develop leadership opportunities

Start a blog and record your extra-curricular activities and accomplishments.

Do YouTube videos that capture your passion


Advantages to Homeschool Curriculum

Ability to move through advanced material

One-on-one attention

Avoid bureaucracy of public schools

Typically, homeschool students are more enthusiastic about learning

More inquiry based learning


Prepare for Admissions Interviews

Role-play these interviews.

Ask your children questions like, “Why do you want to go to this school?”

Jeannie did not mention these, but here are some other questions you might practice with your children:

  • What are you most excited about when it comes to the college experience?
  • What other universities are you considering?
  • What do you plan on studying and how can we help you accomplish your goals?


Links to Jeannie Borin and College Connections

College Connections:






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