At what age is a student required to start formal school?
What are the requirements for attendance? (i.e. How many days per year are you required to do school.)
What is the amount of hours required per year?
What kind of records do I have to keep each year?
What subjects do I have to teach?
Is there a certain curriculum required?
What requirements or qualifications must I have to teach my children at home?
What is the age of attendance? (Most states require school attendance by 6 years of age, but again states may vary.)
Is a Notice of Intent to homeschool required? If so when and where do you need to submit it?
Is Standardized Testing required? If so, when and where do you send results?
Are you required to “withdraw” from public school? If your students are currently enrolled in a school district you may be required to officially withdraw them from the school, then submit your notice of intent to homeschool prior to starting.

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