101 Homeschool Ideas Episode 18 with Lisa Hone from Hone Potential

Lisa received her training from Perceptual Motor Skills in California. It is a treatment plan (for lack of a better word) for children that have been labeled or diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, Autism, Asperger’s, and others. I felt like this was a good fit for the 101 Homeschool Ideas Community because I know there are parents that choose to homeschool their children because the public school system simply is not designed for students with these challenges.

*Personal note: I do not want to sound critical of those that work within the Special Needs programs of the public school system. I actually admire and respect them for their sacrifice and desire to improve the lives of children with these challenges. The fact is, however, that the public school system simply does not appropriately fund or support these programs. It is another example of what I call administrative failure from the top down. We don’t have a teacher problem in public schools (generally). What we have is a Federal administrative problem. But that is my little soapbox… I digress. Sorry. Back to the show notes…

How Autism, Asperger’s, ADD, & ADHD Affect Learning

According to Lisa, many of the symptoms that students with the mentioned challenges are do to over stimulation of the senses and because the students are trying to process so much information at one time they start to close off. That closure can lead to extreme introverted behavior, refusing to do work in class, constantly moving around, and more. Because of these behaviors the children can be inappropriately labeled as lazy, defiant, unable to learn, and worse.

What do Perceptual Motor Skills and Hone Potential have to offer

Backtrack to where learning development stopped

Teach children and parents strategies that strengthen the development process

Allow children the opportunity to progress from that point forward

Lisa’s training

Newel Kephart’s The Slow Learner in the Classroom (Slow learner series)

Liz Davies, along with Newell Kephart, developed the exercises to strengthen the developmental process

Linda Howe runs the program in California and provided Lisa with her training to bring the practice to Utah

Mistakes that Homeschool Parents Make

Expect children to just “stop” the behavior.

Force social experiences thinking that it will just get better

Homeschool Ideas you could try to help with Kinesthetic Awareness

Bean Bag

  • Helps the child balance (this was my favorite, and most enlightening, part of the interview).

Allow the little behaviors while your child is doing her homework (these likely distract you more than the child)

  • Sitting on her feet
  • Bouncing up and down
  • Putting their hands on his head or playing with her hair

Lisa’s Contact Information

Email: lisa@honepotential.com

Website: www.honepotential.com (this site was being overhauled when we did this interview, so it may not be up at this time)


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