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  1. Today I dis enrolling one of my 9-year-old twin boys from public school. He will start homeschooling Monday. I’ve been interested in homeschooling since the 1980s after I heard an NPR report on the pros and cons of homeschooling following the shootout between John Singer and Utah authorities.

    Both parents, both Grandmothers and I were teachers in the public school system. My older daughters, now in their 30s did well in the public school system.

    My twins, who were 9-weeks premature and have suffered many sensory challenges throughout their short school careers, have endured many trips to the office, misunderstandings from teachers and peers, in an environment where their basic sensory needs are not being met.

    It has been a leap of faith to embark on this new homeschool adventure. I have listened to your series of podcasts at least 3 times. Thanks for your insights and encouragements.

    Bobbie Hall

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