I was talking with some teachers the other day about the cyclical nature of teaching, and I realized that it really is tough to maintain the August and September excitement into January and February. After 12 years of teaching, I have found that February is a very tough time to teach–especially if you are in some of the northern States.

It is not your fault that you burnout as the school year continues on…


but you can do something to combat burnout. The number one cure for teaching burnout is a surplus of teaching ideas. Without question, the strain of having to come up with one lesson, only to have to return and do the same thing tomorrow is the number one cause of teacher burnout.


Here is the cure to teacher burnout:

If teaching burnout is caused by struggling to generate lesson ideas, then the cure is simple: find a community where you can find teaching ideas that adapt to your children’s ages, your teaching style, and your timing. The constant battle in home education is the balance between autonomy and curriculum. A curriculum may provide the ideas, but often at the cost of autonomy and self-directed learning. Autonomy and self-directed learning are great when we have the ideas. When we don’t have the ideas, we can flounder.

The 101 Homeschool Ideas Community

Our website and weekly podcasts create an online community of support when home educators need a little extra motivation. Below you will find subject areas. If you click on the link, you will find lesson ideas for varying ages. Don’t see what you are looking for? Click on the button below and leave me a question or comment. That will help me know where the site needs more ideas.




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